Time and time again, we have heard stories of the undying love and loyalty of dogs to his human. As the saying goes “A dog is the only thing on earth who loves you more than he loves himself.” Max, a feature film based on true events will again show the world just how much a dog loves humans.

Max the movie

Max is a must-watch movie for all dog lovers

Must Watch Movie for Dog Lovers

Max is a precision-trained military dog who loses Kyle, his handler, while serving in Afghanistan. The loss of Kyle was too traumatic for Max making him unable to continue serving. Kyle’s troubled little brother, Justin took Max in. Having troubles of his own, Justin is able to relate to Max.

Max Will Bring You to Tears

We may not agree with Hollywood’s take on handling a traumatized dog (for example giving the task of caring for a traumatized dog to a child is not safe and not recommended), the story line will move any dog lover to tears.

Watch Max’s trailer below. And don’t forget to have a box of tissue when you watch the movie.

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Image Credit: lifewithlevi.com

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