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What is the ULTIMATE toy for your dog?

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today Tim describes the ULTIMATE toy for a dog

listen to the end because you discover how to get access to the full 1 hour 10 minute interview

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“Click here to get the full interview”


The audio every dog owner that plays “ball” should hear

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your dog love to play ‘ball’?

but don’t make the mistake nearly every owner in the world makes when choosing which ball to use

here our expert Tim, tells you what NOT to use and what TO use plus the reasons why….

I give you a link to the website for the brand Tim recommends (I don’t make a cent […]

Is cheese ok for your dog?

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watch this vid for the down-low on cheese for your dog

its not all bad news and I tell you a healthy alternative to cheese

Order your copy of Dog Food SECRETS here

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 You can get Dog Food SECRETS thru this link

We have saved this many trees…

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We made the decision when we began with Dog Food SECRETS to be consistent with our message of nuture and care for the living world by delivering our products as digital downloads instead of paper.

We paid the price with lost business for our decision but the Earth has been a winner and I’m happy with that.

See […]

Change your dog’s food this way..

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I see some people have already tried the recipe I showed you the other day which is AWESOME!

This video is less than 5 mins but I wanted to warn you about the process of changing from one food to another, you gotta do it correctly.

I explain it in the vid
Click here to get your copy […]

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