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Video – 3 bad proteins found in dog food & 3 good ones to use at home

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Not all proteins are created equal when it comes to nourishing your dog.

See which 3 good proteins we recommend and..

..see which 3 bad proteins dog food companies try to slip into your their food to increase profits at the expense of your dog’s health
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The Shocking Secret They Hope You’ll You Never Discover

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This one dirty SECRET is a public relations nightmare for dog food manufacturers.

Meat by-products, are animal parts not used for human consumption, such as bones, organs, blood, fatty tissue and intestines.

Are you ready for the truth?

Watch the vid to discover the truth

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The First 2 Ingredients You Should See On The Dog Food Label

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Reading the list of ingredients is the fasted way to judge a dog food..

…so here’s a quick & easy tip:
– in this vid discover the first 2 ingredients you should see and 
-1 I hope you DON’T see!
Click here to read more about what goes into your dog’s food 
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New Vid: Is Premium & Gourmet Dog Food Better? Maybe Not..

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Its seems obvious that dog foods labelled as Gourmet, Premium, Super-Premium etc are better than the rest.

But are they?

See the vid to discover the truth
Click here to discover more about what goes into your dog’s food
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