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Dog parent to an adorable Jack Russell Terrier.

5 Celebrities Who Adopted Dogs and Gave These Pooches a Furever Loving Home

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We love celebrities, whether we admit it or not. But we love these 5 celebrities because they have such big hearts for rescued dogs. Check out these 5 celebrities who gave rescued dogs a furever loving home!

What You Need to Know About the Deadly Parvovirus Disease

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What is parvovirus and what are its symptoms? Learn about this fatal canine disease and what you can do to protect your furry family member from this deadly virus.

A Reminder to All Dog Owners: Dogs Die In Hot Cars!

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Your dog can die inside a hot car. In fact. many dogs have died because they were left inside a hot car while their humans ran off to grab something in the store. Please, don't even leave your dog in a hot car.

Chocolates Can Kill Your Dog So Stash Them Out of Your Dog’s Reach

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Chocolates can kill your dog so make sure that you keep them far away from your furry loved one. Get to know the symptoms of chocolate poisoning in dogs and what to do in case you suspect your dog has eaten chocolate.

Max: Must Watch Movie for Dog Lovers

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A dog is the only thing who loves you more than he loves himself. And this movie, based on true events, will show you exactly this! Check out the trailer here.
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