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Signs of Brain Cancer in Dogs That You Should Watch Out For

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Dogs can get brain cancer. As a dog parent, you should be aware of what signs of dog brain cancer to watch out for. Early detection of brain cancer can give your dog a better chance at fighting the disease. Learn about the symptoms here!

Cooking for Your Senior Dog?

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As dogs get older, they tend to have lesser appetite than when they were younger. If you feed your dog homecooked meals, here are important things to keep in mind.

What Every Dog Owner Should Know About Protein

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Protein is essential to dogs. Without it, your furry family member can't survive. But what's the best protein source for your dog? What meat is best? And is too much protein bad for your dog? We've got the answers here!

What’s Causing Millions of Dogs to Become Overweight?

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Millions of dogs are suffering from obesity. And sadly obese dogs are becoming a norm. What's causing this problem? You may be surprised with the answer.

You Can Transmit Parvovirus to Your Dogs After Being Exposed to an Infected Dog

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Did you know that you can actually be carrying the deadly parvovirus? If you were exposed to a dog infected with parvovirus, there's a big chance you'd be carrying the virus with you when you get home to your dog. Find out more here!
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