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Dog parent to an adorable Jack Russell Terrier.

These Signs Can Mean Your Dog is Suffering from a Heart Problem

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Did you know that dogs can suffer from heart disease? Here are 7 symptoms that can indicate your pooch is suffering from a heart problem.

If This Doesn’t Melt Your Heart We Don’t Know What Will

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Warning: This story will melt your heart. Have a box of tissues handy before starting reading.

Does Your Dog Do These 5 Strange Behaviors?

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What strange behaviors does your dog do? We've listed down 5 strange behaviors and also included the explanation for each. So dog owners have a fun time learning about what your dog is trying to tell you.

What It’s Like Not Having a Dog When You’re a Dog Lover

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Can you imagine what it's like not having a dog when you're a dog lover? Check out this video about the struggles of being a dogless dog lover.

Are You Feeding Your Dog Coconut Oil? You Should Be!

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Did you know that coconut oil has great benefits to dogs health? Yes! you're reading this right! Find out just how healthy this oil is to dogs here!
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