We are talking about vegan or vegetarian diet. A growing number of dog owners are now feeding their dogs a vegan or vegetarian diet. This is alarming.

I have no problem with people in a vegan or vegetarian diet. Oftentimes people adopt a vegan or vegetarian diet after learning about the realities of factory farming and especially the inhumane treatment of animals consumed as food. Some also make the switch for health and environmental reasons. As I mentioned, I have no problem with people adopting a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.  But for dogs, this diet isn’t healthy at all. Forcing your dog to be in such a diet is also inhumane.

Dogs Are Designed to Consume Meat

dogs need meat

Your dog needs more meat

Dogs are designed to consume meat. It’s how nature designed them to be. They get plenty of the essential nutrients they need to thrive and flourish on meat and organ meat.  Although, dogs can survive eating plant materials, they can’t thrive being on a plant based diet.

Why a Vegan or Vegetarian Diet is Bad for Dogs


a vegan or vegetarian diet is bad for dogs

A vegan or vegetarian diet is NOT recommended for dogs

Your dog needs to consume meat to unlock her body’s healing potential. Meat also provides your dog’s body with the raw materials needed for everything to work optimally. If you continue to feed your dog a vegan or vegetarian diet, she will eventually suffer from medical and degenerative conditions.

Dogs are known to be resilient. They can survive even with nutritional inadequacies. However, they won’t survive that long and over time their bodies will start to degenerate. Just because dogs can withstand a great deal of nutritional abuse, it’s never okay to make them have to go through such suffering.



Image from: campbowwow.com and petguide.com

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