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How Do I Help Prevent Dog Bone Cancer In My Pet?

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Reduction of Risk Factors

While the genetic factor is a threat that is waiting to be triggered to develop Bone Cancer, the best owners can do to lessen the chance of its stimulation is to avoid carcinogens from entering the dog’s body. The less amount of carcinogens there are in the body, the less chances of […]

What Causes Dog Bone Cancer?

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Theories about why Bone Cancer develops:

Rapidly growing cells at the growth plates of bones are at higher risk of genetic mutation.
Tumors may develop at an area where trauma has occurred because of the increased cellular activity at the affected area.

It is also observed that neutered dogs are twice as likely to acquire Bone Cancer. Old […]

The Causes of Dog Skin Cancer, Part 1: Environmental Carcinogens

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Why do dogs develop skin cancer? There are a variety of reasons to answer this question.

Tumor formation is primarily due to abnormalities, mutations or defects in the way cells grow. Another contributor to these irregularities are what we call risk factors. These risk factors can come from the environment (like carcinogens), or they could also […]

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