What Are The Four Main Types of Dog Bone Cancer? Part 3: Fibrosarcoma

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Did you know that even dogs can get bone cancer? Learn about fibrosarcoma, a type of dog bone cancer and what signs to look for in your dog.

Most Important Basic Information You Need to Know About Canine Cancer

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It is heart-breaking to lose a dog. Canine Cancer is one of the major causes of death in dogs these days. There are different ways of caring for dog-patients that have this disease. Knowing what these are can arm you in dealing any possibilities of it. There are common chemotherapy drugs such as Corticosteroids, Lomustine, […]

What Are The Four Main Types of Bone Cancer? Part 1: Osteosarcoma

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There are four main kinds of bone tumors, called osteosarcoma, fibrosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, and hemangiosarcoma. Osteosarcoma remains the most common type of main bone tumors. Other types of cancer such as rhabdomyosarcoma, liposarcoma, plasma cell tumors and lymphoma could also involve the bone, usually as a part of a generalized cancer process. We will discuss the […]

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