Food as Part of Dog Cancer Treatments

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If your dog is fighting cancer, you should see to it that she is on a special diet which provides her with the essential nutrients. Of course, medication is crucial for recovery. But equally important is her diet.

How Do I Help Prevent Dog Bone Cancer In My Pet?

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Reduction of Risk Factors

While the genetic factor is a threat that is waiting to be triggered to develop Bone Cancer, the best owners can do to lessen the chance of its stimulation is to avoid carcinogens from entering the dog’s body. The less amount of carcinogens there are in the body, the less chances of […]

The Ideal Diet for a Dog Suffering From Canine Cancer

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Having a poor immune system in dogs can lead to their vulnerability to canine dog cancer. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your dog, would you? In order for your dog to maintain good health and vitality, there is a need for you to feed it the right diet. You are also responsible for […]

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