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The Therapy Options in Dealing with Dog Cancer

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Dog cancer cases are growing fast currently. The good thing about modern medicine is that experts are able to find out ways in treating canine cancer. The options that are available for dog owners and pet lovers are there for you to decide.

One is by Radiation Therapy. It is a process that can shrink the […]

The Wisest Way to Research About Canine Dog Cancer Online

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It is always best to keep your dogs safe from sickness. With the growing rate of dog cancer cases, you have a huge part in decreasing any chance of canine cancer which may lead to death. We know that the internet is one of the most popular sources of information. You depend on it for […]

Three Holistic Medicine Methods as Alternatives for Dog Cancer Treatment

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Your dog matters, being able to make it live longer matters more. Holistic medicine and vaccine therapy are two of the commonly-used alternatives for dog cancer treatment. Both are famous because they are risk-free and are affordable. Holistic medicine includes three different ways and they are: healing touch, static magnetic therapy and acupuncture.

Healing touch involves […]

Most Important Basic Information You Need to Know About Canine Cancer

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It is heart-breaking to lose a dog. Canine Cancer is one of the major causes of death in dogs these days. There are different ways of caring for dog-patients that have this disease. Knowing what these are can arm you in dealing any possibilities of it. There are common chemotherapy drugs such as Corticosteroids, Lomustine, […]

Treatment Options You Can Consider for a Dog With Skin Cancer

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So you took your pet to the vet and confirmed that your dog has skin cancer. Now what do you do? What is the next step? Don’t give up just yet. One good course of action is to consider treatment options for your pet.


Three Mainstream Cancer Treatment Options There are several ways of treating your […]

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