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What Are The Four Main Types of Dog Bone Cancer? Part 3: Fibrosarcoma

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Did you know that even dogs can get bone cancer? Learn about fibrosarcoma, a type of dog bone cancer and what signs to look for in your dog.

What Are The Four Main Types of Dog Bone Cancer? Part 2: Chondrosarcoma

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Sadly, bone cancer is common in dogs. Each year about 10,000 new cases is diagnosed. Learn about Chondrosarcoma, a type of bone cancer that affects dogs and its symptoms here.

What Are the Treatment Options for Dog Bone Cancer?

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Once Bone Cancer has developed, it is almost impossible to prevent its spreading throughout the body . It spreads aggressively throughout the body in such a way that without relative treatment, affected dogs may completely succumb to the disease in 1 to 2 months’ time. Once Bone Cancer has spread and become inoperable or untreatable, […]

How Dog Bone Cancer is Diagnosed

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If your dog has Bone Cancer, it will show itself in the swelling of bones and pain in the joints. The tumors in bone cancer appear in areas where the growth plates are at constant activitity. The limbs and joints of Large dog breeds are particularly affected. A dog that has bone cancer would be […]

Who Does Dog Bone Cancer Target?

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Which dogs are affected by Dog Bone Cancer? Our dog breeds are classified into Toy, Small, Medium, and Large or Giant.

While every dogĀ  in one way or another is susceptible to certain kinds of cancer, breeds that are at higher risk of getting Bone Cancer are those that weigh over 80 pounds. These dogs are […]

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