Malinois Breaking News - if you have one in your family, this is for you:
Expert Warnings

Dr John Heinerman DMV:

"No one knows the full extent of the problem"

Author Ann N Martin:

"I was absolutely horrified with what I discovered"

Dr Henry Pasternak DMV:

"Dramatic rise in liver or kidney damage, cancerous skin lesions, hair loss, blindness, leukemia, fetal abnormalities, and chronic diarrhea

Dr Linley Dixon, PhD:

"Cheap substitutes and false health claims"

Dr Michael Dym DMV:

"Given the high rates of colon cancer in dogs, I highly recommend removing...."
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I Sometimes Get Accused of Using Scare Tactics But This is Why I Don't Apologize For That Anymore...
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The reality is, multi-billion dollar companies are spending million to keep their dirty secrets hidden from you...

And the longer they successfully keep you in the dark, the more years are robbed from your Malinois's life & your time together.... & the more profit they make.

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There is a REAL Conspiracy, It's Not Hype
  • The gigantic companies dominating the industry infiltrate the regulatory institutions with industry sympathizers and form powerful lobby groups that successfully influence the FDA
  • They have such massive advertising budgets, they can successfully suppress damaging media by threatening to reduce their ad budget at media outlets. Researchers at California Sonoma State University listed Ann Martin's work in "The Top 10 Most Suppressed News Stories of Social Significance"
  • They market themselves as caregivers to the dog community but it's all a front, their operational policies prove their loyalty is to profits & shareholders...not you nor your dog
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Does This Affect You?
If you follow the typical care model of most dog owners then you are right in the middle of it.

Almost every dog owner is buying the products, which these companies know are cutting your Malinois's life short.

But its much more cost effective to create the illusion of superior products in their marketing, then to create an actual superior product.

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