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Our company has been specializing in teaching excellent dog owners, the type of owner that truly respects their dog, how to provide life-giving nutrition since 2006.

We have a product perfect for scanning dog food labels, in fact, that’s what we created it for.

Its called “68 Commercial Dog Food Ingredients You Should NEVER Feed Your Dog” and it includes a special checklist we created called

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We’ve been selling this book for $27 for the past 4 years and we just released the updated 2nd Edition.

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In your guide, we’ve divided the 68 bad ingredients into 3 groups.

1. Ingredients that are deadly and should be avoided at all costs. Most popular brands contain several.

2. Ingredients that are ok in moderation but can be a problem if you feed the same food every day, day in and day out like most owners do and...

3. Ingredients that are completely useless to your dog and added only as a cheap belly-filler to maximize profit.

We profile each of these ingredients, explaining how its made, why its added and why its bad.

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