"3-Super-Simple Tricks For Getting Your Dog to Eat Every Vegetable You Serve"
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What's In This Video Series?
Well, these videos address the 3 most common things I hear from dog owners that care about their dog's nutrition but not sure what to do about it....

They cover information about home-nourishing your dog that every excellent dog owner should have in their skill-set.
Video 1: How to Cook Healthy Food For Your Dog For Just 50-cents Per Day

The #1 question I get about home-preparing your dog's food is "Isn't it too expensive?". The reality is, home-preparing your dog's food is many times cheaper than decent quality commercial dog food.

...AND, many times healthier!

SO in this video I show you how easy it is to keep your costs below 50 cents per day

Video 2: How To Cook a Super-Healthy Meal For Your Dog in Under 5-minutes

The most common excuse for not home-preparing dog food is not having the time. In this video, you'll see my prepare a nutritious meal for my dog in under 5 minutes, in real time.

No trick photography... you'll see me start from scratch and then have a meal fully prepared in less than 5 minutes.

Video 3: 19 Foods In Your Kitchen, That Could Kill Your Dog

The 3rd most common question I hear is "Can my dog eat X?"

There are actually 19 foods that can harm your dog....of course there are many harmful substances in the world that are poisonous to a living creature but this list are actual foods you've probably eaten yourself many times.

....but to your dog, they can be lethal.

You must know what these foods are because I'm sure you have minimum 5 in your kitchen right now.

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Viewer Comments
"I've never home cooked because I thought it was expensive to do. Fifty cents per day is less than 1/3 of what I'm currently spending"
Patricia Ward
"I love your accent & great advice...to be honest you're a bit of a hunk"
Melanie Woo
"A healthy meal for my dog in under 5-minutes....I'm impressed Andy. I have all those ingredients in my kitchen right now, I'm gonna try it"
Api Kookuman
"Your dog is so cute.....and he talks!!! Its nice to learn and be entertained at the same time. Thanks Andy and thanks Bengo!"
Liz Proctor
"My partner & I are so glad we found you. We've had 2 dogs die from cancer in 6-months. We know its from commercial food & we know its wrong for us to continue feeding it to the only dog we have left. Thank you, thank you because I don't think I could survive another loss"
Patrice Pardot
You receive these 3 videos:
How to cook super-healthy food for your dog for just 50 cents per day
How to cook a super healthy meal for your dog in under 5-minutes
19 foods in your kitchen that could kill your dog (you get to see my dog Bengo talk!)