Feeding your puppy right is essential for her good health. So how should you feed your puppy?

The Importance of Taking Your Puppy Through the 5 Stages of Puppy Feeding Correctly

Feeding your puppy right is essential for his or her growth and development.

Feeding your puppy right is essential for his or her growth and development.

Right now, your puppy is sitting on the highest peak of Health Mountain.

Your goal, is to keep her there for the rest of her life…

especially through the most confusing time of all…

..the first 10 months of his life.

The miracle of nature has brought your puppy into the world, quite literally, perfectly healthy.

Unfortunately for most beautifully innocent puppies, its the healthiest they will ever be because their owners begin feeding them commercial garbage as soon as they get them home.

If you want to give your new little best friend, the best shot at a long and healthy life, then now is the greatest opportunity you’ll ever have because with a Top-Class diet all through puppyhood, she will develop an adult body that is strong & healthy in every way

— its the PERFECT foundation to a long and happy life! —

The 5 Stages of Puppy Feeding

But its not as simple as making some dog food recipes you have at home because every puppy goes through 5 stages of puppy feeding:

Stage 1: Breast Feeding (0 to 6 weeks)
Stage 2: Weaning
Stage 3: Teething
Stage 4: Solid Food
Stage 5: Adult Diet

What Your Puppy Needs

In each stage the dietary needs change and its your job to give him what he needs to continue all the way to Stage 5 successfully.

Do that, and its not an exaggeration to say you’ll have one of the healthiest young adult dogs on the planet because sadly, almost NO ONE else will bother to do it properly.

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For example, did you know a puppy requires about 25% more protein?

And its not only nutrient differences, you also have to consider food texture for proper tooth development.

What to Do?

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