As a dog owner, you want your dog to be in the peak of health. But sometimes, we don’t always get what we want. And health problems can just arise. As a dog owner you should get to know the various health conditions your dog may experience so you would know how to care for your dog better.

These Are 13 Different Special Need Scenarios That Your Dog Is Most Likely To Experience During Its Life

senior dog health problems

Senior dogs are more vulnerable to certain health problems.


  1. Anemia
  2. Heart Disease
  3. Kidney malfunction
  4. Overweight
  5. Diabetes
  6. Hyper-Aggressiveness
  7. Allergies
  8. Cancer
  9. Arthritis
  10. Diabetes
  11. Upset stomach
  12. Pregnancy & Breast feeding
  13. Suckling puppies (without a lactating mother to give milk)

How to Be Prepared When These Special Needs Appear

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If you’ve had more than one dog in your life then you know first-hand serious health problems can really come “out-of-left-field”.

And the worst-feeling-in-the-world when that happens is standing-by feeling there is nothing “extra” you can do to bring your beloved animal some healing & comfort.

So we put together this Special Needs book of recipes, so you can “take-action” and continue the healing with love at home, even after leaving the vet’s office.

Here’s what you find in your copy of Recipes For Dogs With Special Needs..

26 Recipes for the 13 Most Common Canine Special Needs

Your dog won’t experience all of these special needs scenarios but there is a high statistical probability you are going to need atleast one of two of the 13 different recipe groups at some time.

Take a look & I’m sure you’ll agree these will definitely come in handy…

Anti-Heart Disease
Low-fat Turkey Mix

Anti-Anemia Chicken Diet
Anti-Anemia Beef Bowl
Anti-Anemia Heart Bowl

Recipes for the Overweight Dog
Lamb and Veg Slimmer Meal
Chicken and Yogurt Slimmer Meal
Meat-free Protein Paté

Anti-Cancer Chicken Blend
Anti-Cancer Beef Bowl

Recipes for Kidney Cleansing
Beef Broth Kidney Therapy

Sugar-free Turkey Diabetic Blend

Mac n’ Pork Aggression Soother
Fatty Lamb Aggression Soother
Mac n’ Beef Aggression Soother

Anti-Arthritis Turkey Blend

Anti-Allergy Veggie Cookies

Recipes to Soothe the Stomach
Beef and Barley Goulash
Turkey Stew Colon Cleanser
Lamb Hash Tummy Soother
Chick n’ Yogurt Tummy Flush

Recipes for the Pregnant Dog
Mama Mia’s Meatballs
Mom’s Meatloaf

Recipes for the Lactating Dog
Liver Lasagna for the Nursing Dog
Nurse’s Turkey Cheeseburgers

Recipes for Suckling Puppies
Milk Replacer Formula A
Milk Replacer Formula B

If you’re looking for recipes for puppies already weaned, we’ve got you covered because the Dog Food SECRETS Gold Pack includes Pack your Puppy With Power, which contain puppy recipes so healthy, your pup glows with the energetic happiness of a lion cub during zebra migration!

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It’s not just recipes, you also discover..

“Understand What You Are Doing & Why When It Comes to Caring & Nourishing Your Dog-With-Special-Needs By Following These Dead-Simple Charts and Guidelines..”

And just in case your the type of EDO that devours-dog-info-for-breakfast and then asks for more, we added this additional info just for you..

Guidance Concerning Calories and Sodium Values

General Guidance for Feeding Dogs

Calorie Calculations According to Dog Size

Calorie Requirement Equation

Charts and Calculations Relative to Dog Maturity

Protein & Fat Allowances

Calorie Needs For Dogs

Calorie Requirements For Lactating Dogs

Calorie Requirements For Newborn Pups

Puppy Vaccination & Worming Schedule

Puppy Growth Rate

Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Dog

Catering to Your Dog’s Special Needs

“Be an EDO By Being Prepared..”

“This guide is just as important as any item in your first-aid kit”

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