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Which Supplements You Should Give Your Dog

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How important is supplementation to dogs? Giving your dog supplements help her achieve peak health and vitality. Learn which supplements you should be giving to your furry friend here!

How to make sure your dog is getting enough calcium

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This is a really simple tip for ensuring your dog gets enough calcium and it won’t cost you a cent


ok, next time you use eggs, save the shells…

then when you feed your dog, crush the eggs and mix them with her food because egg shells are an excelent source of calcium carbonate!

too easy

Andy L

UPDATE:  The […]

Is cheese ok for your dog?

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watch this vid for the down-low on cheese for your dog

its not all bad news and I tell you a healthy alternative to cheese

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Change your dog’s food this way..

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I see some people have already tried the recipe I showed you the other day which is AWESOME!

This video is less than 5 mins but I wanted to warn you about the process of changing from one food to another, you gotta do it correctly.

I explain it in the vid
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The Recipe for Terrier Tuna Egg and Cheese Supreme

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this is the recipe, right click this link and choose “Save target as..” to download it.

Terrier Tuna, Egg and Cheese Supreme Recipe Download

Notice that all the ingredients are listed by calories, we’ve analyzed every recipe in Dog Food SECRETS and boken the ingredients down by calories which is super-useful for deciding how much to feed […]

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