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Dog Food Recipe Video

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Here’s a recipe that’s super-easy & super tasty.

Its not the healthiest of recipes and one I’ve removed from Dog Food SECRETS a few editions ago in preference of something healthier.

Take a look and see what you think:

Click here to see the book this tasty recipe came from, plus heaps more cool stuff in there for a […]

Andrew Lewis Gets Punched in the Face!

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 I vanished for 4 weeks when I still had not released video 4 in this 4 video series…. mmm, is this co-incidence?

Rather than trying to explain myself here, watch this video to see what has been happening.

But I warn you:

There is no dog related content here.
If you have no sense of humor I advise against viewing.
And […]

Video 3 – The 2 Obstacles to Excellence in Dog Ownership

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glad you’ve come to watch Video 3 of this 100% FREE 4 video series.

Please remember to leave your comments below – thanks, Andrew

Video 2 – What Makes a Dog Owner Qualified?

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Video #2 of the 100% FREE 4 Video series is ready, there it is below.

Please enjoy and let me know your comments, I’m very interested to hear your thoughts.

May your dog have a long and happy life,

Qualified Versus Unqualified Dog Owners Video 1

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this is the first of four 100% FREE videos I’m releasing.

I won’t say more other than watch this short 7 minute something video and tell me what you think in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box below.

Enjoy, but be aware that some images in this video may be disturbing.

Remember to please leave your comments below — thanks.

May your […]

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