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Puppy housetraining tip

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EVERY dog owner needs to know how to housetrain a puppy because if you don’t have a puppy now, you probably will again in the future

I recently interviewed expert dog trainer, Neri, all about Housebreaking 101 for our new member site.

 Here’s a great tip from that interview:

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The audio every dog owner that plays “ball” should hear

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your dog love to play ‘ball’?

but don’t make the mistake nearly every owner in the world makes when choosing which ball to use

here our expert Tim, tells you what NOT to use and what TO use plus the reasons why….

I give you a link to the website for the brand Tim recommends (I don’t make a cent […]

Avoid This Mistake Which is to Blame for 70% of Dogs with Behavior Problems

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When I first heard this tip from one of Australia’s best dog trainers, I was floored!

This one tip could save you maybe years of trouble… and you don’t even have to do anything extra or special.

I will use this tip for every dog I own for the rest of my life

listen now!

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