I vanished for 4 weeks when I still had not released video 4 in this 4 video series…. mmm, is this co-incidence?

Rather than trying to explain myself here, watch this video to see what has been happening.

But I warn you:

  • There is no dog related content here.
  • If you have no sense of humor I advise against viewing.
  • And if you have something better to do for the next 10 minutes I advise you to do that rather than watch this video (seriously).

Here’s a little of what you will see if you choose to view:

– I get punched in the face (yes you finally get to see what I look like),
– I assault a news reporter,
– I’m featured on the news.

 You have to see the video to fully appreciate what I’m talking about.

Thanks and enjoy seeing me embarrass myself.

PS. if you never saw the first 3 videos, don’t worry because I will be re-releasing them soon

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