How to Tell If Dog Skin Cancer is Malignant or Benign

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Malignant or Benign Canine Skin Cancer?
This article will discuss the symptoms and diagnosis of mast cell tumors in dogs. Skin cancers can resemble benign tumors.  A biopsy should be performed on any lump or bump that is questionable.
Definition of Dog Skin Cancers
Skin cancers are inclusive of Mast Cell Tumors (MCTs), which are common in older […]

Causes of the 4 Types of Skin Cancer in Dogs & How to Prevent Them

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This article will discuss the rates, causes and prevention, and age, breed and sex predilection of skin tumors in dogs.
Here’s what canine skin cancer looks like:

Epidermoid Carcinoma : Possible cauliflower-shaped, or  hard, flat, grayish ulcer
Mast Cell Tumors: Common in older dogs. Frequently found on hind legs, lower abdomen, and foreskin of the penis.
Melanomas: Usually dark […]

Symptoms & Treatment of Dog Breast Cancer

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The Symptoms & Treatment of Breast (Mammary) Cancer in Dogs
This article will discuss the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of mammary cancer in dogs.
Symptoms & Diagnosis of Dog Breast Cancer

Mammary tumors can appear as a single mass or as multiple pustules.
They tend to be very hard and rigid.
They can grow very rapidly, doubling in size […]

#1 Prevention for Canine Breast Cancer (Adenocarcinoma)

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This article will discuss the rates, causes , #1 prevention, and age, breed and sex predilection of mammary tumors in dogs.

Female dogs are at a high risk for developing malignant mammary tumors. Most of the malignant mammary tumors are adenocarcinomas. This means that they originate in the glandular tissue. Some may be inflammatory carcinomas, sarcomas […]

How to Check For Dog Cancer

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How To Check For Canine Cancer
Veterinarians are generally very caring people, but they are still in business to make money.  Sometimes, vets may push canine cancer screenings that are unnecessary or painful.  This article will address several methods that you should try to check for canine cancer.

The Necessity Of Canine Cancer Tests

Tests can be painful […]

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