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Just Like You,  The Healthy K9 Team Deeply Cares About Dogs

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is one of the MAIN keys for your dog to live a healthier, longer and happier life.

Only the Best and the Healthiest Ingredients

When you cook your dog’s meals you have control over what ingredients to use. And we know that you’d pick only the BEST and HEALTHIEST ingredients.

Three Jack Russell Terrier puppies, 4 weeks old

Exercise Play & Socialization

Dogs are naturally active and social beings. They have tons of energy to spend.

Don't Forget About These 3 Very Important Things

They need to explore the world, run and sniff around, play and mingle with other dogs. So don’t forget to take your dog out. Your dog will LOVE it!

exercise and socialization


Of course, your dog needs lots of love and affection from you.

Your LOVE is What Your Dog Needs the Most

Your LOVE and AFFECTION is what your dog needs the most from you. Life would be more wonderful for all dogs when showered with much love and care.

lots of love

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